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OM’s expansion has created the need to increase its Panel of Specialty Physicians and Providers who:

  • Are the best Physicians and Providers who understand the needs of injured employees

  • Utilize evidence-based criteria to determine the needs and treatment of each injured employee

  • Are outcome-focused

  • Understand and follow workers’ compensation guidelines and best practice protocols

  • Regularly achieve successful sustained outcomes for employees injured at work

  • Have a positive impact on the successful resolution of claims

Success for Physicians and Medical Providers

OM  has a longstanding highly respected reputation for ensuring its contracted Specialty Physicians and Medical Providers are the best in their areas of expertise and consistently follow Workers’ Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols. By providing much-needed education in Workers’ Compensation, formal training, and continuous support services, OM Specialty Physicians and Medical Providers become experts within the entire Workers’ Compensation industry on all levels.

Specialty Physicians and Medical Providers are needed in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, California, Washington, & Oregon!

Specialty Areas of the OM Panel of Elite Specialty Physicians and Providers
  • Cardiology        

  • Cardiovascular Disease          

  •  Cardio-Vascular Surgery      

  •  Dental/Periodontal & Oral Surgery       

  •  Dermatology               

  •  General Surgery             

  •  Infectious Disease                         

  • Neurology            

  • Neuropsychology  

  • Neurosurgery - Brain        

  • Neurosurgery - Spine

  • Otolaryngology (ENT)

  • Orthopedic Surgery            

  • Pain Management            

  • Physiatry         

  • Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery        

  • Podiatry/Ankle and Foot Surgery    

  • Psychiatry/Mental Health            

  • Psychology                

  • Specialized Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation/Restoration and Pain Recovery Program

  • Specialized Catastrophic Injury and Complex Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program

OM is the industry leader offering the best physicians and medical providers to workers’ compensation professionals who demand the best care and treatment for their injured employees, along with compliance in workers’ compensation guidelines and best practice protocols. 
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