Video is the most diverse and influential medium to connect with your target audience. You need to tell your story, you need to be heard, you need to stand out amongst all of the other content out there. You need to let your community know that you are open for business.  True video marketing is like an amazing song. It grabs attention and cuts through the noise. It doesn’t interrupt conversations, it’s the thing people are having conversations about. It offers value first, before asking for anything. It requires brands to stop thinking ‘content’ and start thinking story.

The History of Storytelling

In recent times you might have seen the topic of storytelling crop up over and over again, it’s become quite popular in video marketing and online marketing in general. Is this some kind of new technique that clever marketers have come up with to sell products? In short, no. 


Storytelling isn’t a new concept, in fact, for as far back as we can trace, human beings have used it as a way of communicating with each other. Why is this? Well, because stories have a way of making us think and take action. We learned from them, and, as a result, the people who listened and took note survived. When a cave painting was made of people hunting a woolly mammoth, it was done so to help illustrate a story that other people could understand and use in their own lives. In short, stories were central to our survival, and that’s why they’ve become so essential to our communication as a species. Our needs are mostly different now, but the impact of stories is still hardwired into us.

Why video marketing for telling stories?

A story can be told through any number of different mediums, but one of the most effective ways is to make your story visual. This is where video production, animation, and video marketing, in general, come in. Doing so gives you the opportunity to give people a wider context to your story. It takes your story from being words on a page and turns it into something that people can visualize and connect with on a deeper level. It creates a universe for your viewer to become involved in, one that you can align (or contrast) with their understanding of the world to bring them into your story. 

Through video production and animation you can see relatable characters, they can see settings that they can understand & relate to and they can pick up on subtle visual clues like color, lighting, and motion. You can also utilize sound and music to take this context even further. All of this culminates in creating an emotional experience for the viewer, which is the best way to help them make a decision or take an action.

From a practical perspective, online video marketing has become one of the most prevalent ways of delivering stories to people. How many times have you gone to scroll past a video post, only to be drawn in by the first image or the subtitles on the video? It’s likely that you’ve experienced this, and, if you have, then you’ll understand why online video marketing is as prevalent it is. In fact, businesses and charities, big and small, have put their trust in video marketing to deliver some of their most important stories and messages for this exact reason. More than that though, video marketing is a good way of telling stories quickly, which in today’s busy world is a real advantage. Take a look at our blog post on how to tell a story quickly through digital marketing videos.