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7 Things You Need in Your Brand Strategy to Achieve Long-Term Success & Stand Out

1. Brand Purpose

This is your business and your brand’s ultimate purpose, the WHY. Why does it exist?

2. Brand Vision

What are you working toward? If you remain committed to your purpose, what will be the outcome of it?

3. Brand Mission

This is where most biz start and stop, by just describing how the work gets done. But unless you know ‘why’ you’re in business (Purpose) and ‘what’ you expect to accomplish (Vision), how you get there won’t mean a thing.

️ Now, having the clarity of from 1&2, how do you plan on getting to where you want to be?

4. Brand Values

What do you stand for? What promises are you making to people?

5. Brand Positioning

Target audience, differentiator, market analysis to find your sweet spot in the market.

6. Brand Story

People don’t connect with businesses or products or services. People connect with people. Build trust and connection through storytelling.

7. Brand Personality (translate everything into look & voice)

Translate 1-6 into something tangible like your brand visual style and voice!

How many of these did you check off?

Which ones are you going to work on next?

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