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Are you looking to grow your practice's workers’ compensation referrals?

If so, reach out to us to learn how partnering with OM, the largest physician marketing firm specializing in workers' compensation marketing for orthopedic practices, can help you achieve your long-term success goals.

For over 20 years, OM has partnered with orthopedic practices nationwide, helping them build and expand their workers' compensation referrals.

With a retention rate of 95%, our clients have trusted us for over two decades.

They continue to choose OM as their preferred partner, recognizing us as the go-to solution for practices seeking to enhance their workers' compensation presence and grow their patient base.

Our team has empowered countless physicians to become the preferred choice for employers seeking top-notch care for their injured employees.

We work with all major insurance carriers and employers across the country.

Our WorkCompReady Certification is widely acknowledged as the gold standard in the workers' compensation industry. As the sole provider of this certification, we are the trusted resource for employers and carriers when they seek the best doctors to ensure optimal care and outcomes for their injured workers.

Contact us today at  to learn more about how OM can contribute to your practice's long-term success.


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