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Connecting the Dots: The OM Story

The story of OM began in 2004 when Mari and Ozzy Diaz, the founders of the company, discovered a significant communication gap between all the players involved in the care of injured employees. They quickly realized that they needed to make it their mission to bridge this gap.

They also discovered that physicians, although excellent in their field, struggled with the paperwork involved in the workers' compensation system.

Mari and Ozzy knew they had to take action and become the connecting bridge between the doctors, employers and insurance companies.

They made it their mission to empower physicians to become the go-to doctors for all the parties involved in the workers' compensation system, looking for qualified specialists to treat their injured workers.

With dedication and strong ethics, OM quickly became the go-to for claims professionals looking for the best doctors in workers' compensation. As their business rapidly grew, OM established the WorkCompReady™ certification in 2010 and began providing education, training, and continuous support services to hundreds of doctors in the industry. This led to the creation of the OM Directory, a print directory that was distributed to employers, adjusters, case managers, and attorneys looking for qualified doctors to treat their injured workers. Both the WorkCompReady™ training and Directory quickly became an industry standard of excellence.

In 2011, OM created the Bloom Awards, formerly known as IN TOUCH Awards, which recognizes the best-of-the-best in workers' compensation and celebrates excellence through an annual awards gala. These awards have become a workers' compensation industry staple.

Fast forward to 2022, OM realized that the doctors needed better access to the WorkCompReady™ certification, and employers and adjusters needed a faster way to find a WorkCompReady™ doctor. So, the company started talking with their clients and industry professionals about what they needed from a directory and how they could enhance the WorkCompReady™ training program. In addition to that, OM created the OM Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation list, which recognizes experienced and skilled doctors who are dedicated to helping patients return to work safely after a workplace injury through early diagnosis, minimally invasive treatment techniques, and effective communication and access to care.

Throughout its history, OM has grown and changed in many ways, but it has remained committed to its core mission of connecting claims professionals to the best doctors in the workers' compensation community. This is demonstrated through the creation and continued development of the WorkCompReady™ certification program, the OM Directory, and the OM Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation list, as well as the annual Bloom Awards. Today, OM is the largest marketing firm specializing in physician marketing, with a specialty in workers' compensation. 

The company has played a significant role in improving the workers' compensation system and ensuring that injured employees receive the best possible care. The OM Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation list is on the way to becoming the Michelin star of workers' compensation, a symbol of excellence and a mark of distinction for the doctors who have achieved it.


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