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Stop Measuring Success & Wasting Time On These 2 Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics are analytics that doesn’t help you understand your business in any actionable way, and aren’t related to anything you can really control or repeat.⁠

They may look great on paper, but they don’t necessarily have an overall effect on your business goals.⁠

There are two social media vanity metrics that I get a lot of questions about from my clients. I always find it interesting when I get asked about them because they seem to have found their way into importance yet, they don’t really mean anything when it comes to your actual business.⁠

Below are the two vanity metrics I want you to stop using to measure your brand’s growth and success:⁠

  1. Number of Likes: Likes play a part in figuring out which pieces of content do well with your current audience, but you must always consider if your current content and audience serve your dream client. Are all those people who are liking your post in your target market? And you must also consider if they are taking action or engaging beyond just liking your post.⁠

  2. Number of Followers: This is one of the most deceiving statistics that in no way reflects the quality or impact you are making or your true presence on social media. A lot of followers may make you feel like you have a lot of people interested, but followers don’t always translate into sales. ⁠

I want you to ask yourself: Are these two numbers bringing in money alone? Would making these numbers higher fulfill my needs, and those of my business?⁠

Then, I want you to focus on actionable metrics (specific and repeatable actions based on data, which are actually measurable). These are things like your gross revenue, engagement rate, and conversion rate, to name a few.⁠

The marketing and business world is filled with content that takes advantage of people’s attention and emotion to boost sales. So, as marketers and entrepreneurs, we decided to do something about it. As business owners, we have a responsibility to add value to other people and make a difference. Getting as many eyeballs as possible and robbing people’s attention shouldn’t be an industry standard, and it will never be ours.

We are dedicated to working with physicians, small businesses, and people who care about making an impact, adding value, and growing with the utmost intention and empathy. #WEAREOM

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