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Time is running out! Nominations for the 2024 OM Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation list is closing on July 1st.

Your participation is instrumental in identifying and honoring doctors who play a pivotal role in helping injured workers return to work. It's your chance to nominate a doctor who understands the compensation process, provides the best care for patients' safe return to work, achieves great outcomes, and has excellent communication skills.

Over the past two decades, OM has become known as a reliable source for connecting employers, adjusters, risk managers, nurses, and case managers with the best doctors in the workers' compensation. In 2022, OM launched an online version of the OM directory, which has become a go-to tool and received endorsements from numerous employers, adjusters, and nurses.

The OM directory provides fast access to a list of WorkCompReady™ certified doctors. WorkCompReady™ certified doctors are well-versed in the workers' compensation process and are dedicated to delivering exceptional care. They prioritize patient safety, positive outcomes, and effective communication.

In August 2022, OM introduced "The Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation" list, a valuable resource for employers, adjusters, case managers, and attorneys seeking the ideal doctor to treat injured employees. To qualify for this distinction, a doctor must receive a minimum of five nominations from individuals familiar with their work.

Prior to publishing the upcoming BEST DOCTORS list, OM will diligently research and vet hundreds of nurses, adjusters, attorneys, and risk managers to curate the 2024 list that will be published in the August edition of Bloom Magazine.

The purpose of this recognition is to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of every doctor and practice that understand the workers' compensation process, provide optimal patient care for safe return to work, achieve positive outcomes, and demonstrate excellent communication abilities.

The nomination period ends July 1, 2024.


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