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Ways to Make Your Office Space More Wellness-Friendly

Whether you're currently sitting in a corporate cubicle or are working at a make-shift home office, there's no reason your space shouldn't feel special. And healthy!

You know that we're all about feeling our very best – physically, mentally, and emotionally, and the same goes for work. When we're killing it with work, we feel amazing! And when we're also prioritizing ourselves and our well-being, we feel on top of the world! Put the two together, and it's a recipe for a productive, fulfilled, happy, balanced life, and you know we're here for that.

If you're currently in a sad office situation, grab your matcha and keep reading. We're about to transform your workspace into a wellness oasis and have you feeling 100 at the same time!

Deep breath, and let's go…


Not only do some studies show that essential oils can lower cortisol levels, spark energy, or cleanse the air of toxins, but they also smell really freaking good! And they totally set the mood for starting your day.

Consider diffusing energizing scents like peppermint or orange and see if that feels good! It certainly can't hurt. If you share your space with others who aren't fans, use the oils on your skin (wrists or temples) for a boost when needed.

Here's the diffuser we love, by the way. Bonus points that it's aesthetically pleasing!


If you're one of those people who currently have 12 notepads on your desk, listen up: that's clutter! And clutter is a quick road to unnecessary stress and unorganized biz.

That's why we love our 90-Day Planner. It's everything you need for goal setting, jotting down notes, and setting your schedule all in one place (among several other amazing resources!). You can kiss those other notebooks goodbye…or at least save them in an organized drawer!

The same goes for any other paperwork clutter on your desk. Find a way to simplify that stuff and you'll immediately open up more brain space for the good stuff!


Before you end work for the day, take 2-minutes to clear your desk. Bring that lingering coffee cup down, shut down windows on your computer, and even take this time to sanitize your devices 1x a week.

That way, you'll start your mornings with a clean slate, literally, and won't have to worry about cleaning your desk each a.m. Wake up, build your empire, repeat!


We're not talking about noise from the dog barking or loud music if that's not conducive to your productivity. What we're talking about is some sense of calming white noise or music to drown out outside noises that may be a distraction.

You might have heard of ‘the Mozart effect' in which a study shows that listening to classical music can improve your brain and increase productivity. There's actually a lot of music shown to do that, and it's one way to set a vibe in your working space.

Spotify has an entire ‘Focus' category with everything from Piano to Spa Music to French Café. Then there's Noisli, a site we think is genius, especially with so many people working from home during the pandemic! Noisli is a site that lets you customize your background noise. With options from the chatter of a coffee shop to nature sounds, you can choose whatever feels best to you depending on your task!

BTW, noise-canceling headphones are another must when you really need to buckle down and focus. They're great if you're sharing an office with others, too!


To boost your mood and confidence surrounding work, find ways to add positive affirmations to your space. Maybe it’s your favorite quote as the background of your computer, a cute mug, or a vision board you have hanging. Or maybe it's as simple as a post-it note you've left for yourself. Make it work for you!

Ahhhh don't you feel better already? We do!

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