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Why Brand Photography is so Important for your Business

As you know we all live in a very visually inspiring world (hello infinite scroll of Pinterest). Because of that, we believe that having consistent and creative images for your brand is becoming more and more necessary to distinguish yourself from others in your industry. So, today let’s talk a bit more about why brand photography is so important for your business and why we highly recommend it to you.


I think the first thing that you need to understand is your overall brand style, color palette, adjectives & values, and who your target client is. This can require a bit of time to figure out, but once you do, your brand photography will all fall into place. – If you are really not sure what your Brand Style is and not sure where to start, we welcome you to check out our upcoming blog post on How to Find Your Brand Style.

If you do know your style, color, and overall aesthetic, we recommend creating a dedicated Pinterest board just for brand photography inspiration. That might mean pinning flat lays, headshots, product styling, room styling, detail shots, you name it! As you are pinning, keep in mind what your overall style is…aka: if you have a more muted and moody style, make sure to pin images that resonate with that and not images that are over-exposed, bright and colorful.

Once you have about 50 or so pins, you can go through and organize them by style and categories to make a ‘shot list’ or inspiration sourcing list.


If you are wanting to really up your game and be able to curate custom images for your brand we highly recommend hiring a photographer (aka US!) and even a stylist or creative director to help nail your brand images.

We highly recommend if you are starting a new business or launching a new product to at least hire a photographer and do a small style session to use for your website images. You can offer it as a trade and do a styled shoot that benefits you both, etc. Any additional images can easily be used for marketing materials, social media, you name it.


  1. Before doing this, make sure you have a clear vision of your style, if not it could start to look a little messy. So nail down that color palette and photography style!

  2. If you plan to use images from online, do your best to get all images from the same photographer and color palette (again, to keep the style consistent and clean).

  3. Take advantage of it! If you have styled images, use them on your website, your pricing guide, brand pieces/marketing, and of course throughout your social media!

  4. Find something that makes it unique to you. If you love tea and books, include that into a few images, if you love vintage stamps or are a constant note taker..make that a part of your shoot. You want to make sure it not only captures your brand style but who you are and your personality.


Again, make sure you care about your brand images as much as you care about your logo, brand voice, content, etc. we can guarantee if we are attracted to beautiful and consistent images on Instagram or a website we're pulled in to learn more. Not only that, but we're more likely to remember you and come back!

If you want to become a client today, please contact us at media@ommktg.com!

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