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Why Is Choosing the Right Adjuster and Understanding Their Role Vital for Employers?

let's discuss why it's crucial for any employer, whether they're self-insured or not, to select exceptional workers' compensation adjusters and understand their vital role.

You see, when it comes to handling workers' compensation claims, the adjuster is a key player. They have a significant impact on both the cost and the overall success of your program. So, I want to emphasize the positive qualities that truly distinguish exceptional adjusters.

First and foremost, exceptional adjusters are excellent communicators. They don't just process claims; they excel at creating open and clear communication with everyone involved. This means that employers, employees, and other stakeholders are always well-informed. This not only builds trust but also fosters the sharing of important information and ideas that benefit everyone.

Another standout quality is their careful documentation. These adjusters take pride in keeping detailed records. Every phone call, medical report, or email is thoroughly documented in the claim file. This commitment ensures that if another adjuster takes over, they can smoothly continue where their predecessor left off, ensuring a seamless process.

Additionally, exceptional adjusters take a proactive approach. They don't simply react to claims; they take charge. Whether it's coordinating medical care, helping with light-duty work arrangements, or addressing other claim-related matters, they act timely. This proactive stance is essential for keeping costs in check.

Now, let's talk about courtesy and empathy. These qualities are at the heart of how exceptional adjusters interact. They go beyond mere politeness; they genuinely care.

They return calls promptly, reply to emails in a timely manner, and handle correspondence without delay. This compassionate approach is especially crucial when dealing with injured employees. It builds trust and shows genuine concern for their well-being.

In addition to these attributes, it's essential to consider factors like negotiation skills, organizational abilities, time management, customer service, work ethic, prioritization skills, adherence to best practices, and technical expertise when selecting an adjuster. While it might be rare to find someone who excels in every area, each positive trait adds significant value to your workers' compensation program.

By choosing adjusters who possess these attributes, self-insured employers can create a positive and efficient claims management environment. This, in turn, leads to greater success and reduced claim costs. So, when you're in the process of selecting adjusters, always keep these positive qualities in mind. They are the key to elevating your workers' compensation program to new heights.

Written by Lisa Lao , a writer for Bloom Magazine


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