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Why Marketing Is More Important Than Ever For Physician Practices During the Impact of COVID-19

Just as we are all hoping that the impact of the Coronavirus is only short term, you should be thinking about putting your marketing efforts into a long-term plan. As panic arises, it might be one of the people's first thoughts to cut their marketing budget. However, when thinking and planning for the long-term performance and prosperity of a business, keeping a marketing budget right now is more important than ever. 

You might be thinking “of course they're going to say that we should be carrying on with marketing… they’re a "Marketing Agency!" That is exactly the reason why we are saying it. Day in and day out we know and see all of the benefits and incredible impact that marketing and digital marketing has on all different types of businesses. Now more than ever is the time to utilize and prioritize this impact in order to assist your business in times of uncertainty.  

Out of sight = out of mind. By keeping in touch with current referral sources, and by getting your name in front of employers and carriers during this time, you can make sure that you’re right there when they need you most.

Consider joining the OM National Physician Panel today. For a modest monthly investment, we will assist your medical practice in establishing and growing your Workers’ Compensation revenues. 

To sign up, please email us at wcteam1@ommktg.com

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