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Why You Need To Forget About Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction is usually a rating out of 5 or 10. When people ask you how satisfied you are, they are asking if they’ve met your expectation which is usually set by other average experiences.

Instead of meeting people’s expectations of an experience that is just as good as the AVERAGE, why not try to exceed expectations and strive for LOYALTY?

Shep Hyken said this beautifully in his book, Amaze Every Customer Every Time.

He proposes that all biz should set the goal to provide remarkable and engaging experiences that people want to come back to and tell their friends about.

So? Satisfaction vs. Loyalty, which one are you going for?

The marketing and business world is filled with content that takes advantage of people’s attention and emotion to boost sales. So, as marketers and entrepreneurs, we decided to do something about it. As business owners, we have a responsibility to add value to other people and make a difference. Getting as many eyeballs as possible and robbing people’s attention shouldn’t be an industry standard, and it will never be ours.

We are dedicated to working with physicians, small businesses, and people who care about making an impact, adding value, and growing with the utmost intention and empathy. #WEAREOM

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