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OM Scheduling is a FREE service to adjusters, employers, and nurse case managers who need expedient efficient appointment scheduling for injured employees with the best specialty physicians. Adjuster, Employers, and case managers utilize OM Scheduling knowing the OM Panel of Specialty Physicians each demonstrate expertise in their specialty area and proficiency in workers’ compensation guidelines and best practice protocols.


Here are eight things everyone

should know about OM 

  • OM Works in Partnership with Employers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, TPAs, Insurance Carriers, and other Healthcare Professionals


  • OM provides customer service and continuous support to all in partnership and helps identify and resolve any issues that come up between the OM Specialty Physician or Medical Provider and any Employer, Adjuster, or Nurse Case Manager at any time. Through OM’s customer service audits, and through open feedback received, immediate action is taken to resolve issues and repair any relationships that may have been impacted resulting from any issue or problem.

  • OM provides continuous support to adjusters, nurse case managers, and employers by obtaining work status information, medical notes, scheduling calls with Providers, and anything else needed. FREE-OF-CHARGE 


  • OM helps Specialty Medical Providers understand and maintain compliance with Workers’ Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols to help Injured Employees achieve the best outcomes possible.


  • OM is an extended service of each Provider on OM’s Directory of Specialty Medical Providers which includes contracted physicians. OM is NOT a NETWORK. 

  • OM has a longstanding highly respected reputation for ensuring its contracted Specialty Physicians and Medical Providers are the best in their areas of expertise and consistently follow Workers’ Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols. By providing much-needed education in Workers’ Compensation, formal training, and continuous support. 

  • OM’s fast track department is FREE-OF-CHARGE and designed to give Employers, Adjusters, and Case Managers direct access to a large directory of qualified Providers that treat industrial injuries and understand the workers' compensation system and participate in ALL MAJOR NETWORKS. 

  • OM Providers participate in formal structured workers' compensation training programs to become OM certified "WorkCompReady" Providers ensuring workers’ compensation professionals a smooth process and concise open communication among all involved with each injured employee.

Please note: We will ONLY schedule appointments with providers that are on the OM Directory


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