WorkComp Ready is a training program created by OM Marketing to prepare physicians and their staff to properly and efficiently manage Worker’s Compensation claimants.


The program will benefit employers, case managers, TPA’s, physicians, staff, and ultimately the claimant. More specifically, this program will ensure providers are experts in managing necessary documentation such as important forms like the DWC-25.


Providers that work with OM Marketing will have to meet the requirements of the program.


This will allow them to gain an edge in the industry and to have the tools to increase the efficiency of their processes.


Once you complete the program, we will be able to certify that your team has the necessary processes and staff in place to handle Work Comp claimants appropriately.


Industry decision-makers understand the value of this training, therefore being WorkComp Ready can significantly increase the marketability of the provider in regards to their potential to join preferred networks and to gain, maintain, or increase Work Comp referrals.


Clients and OM Marketing will sign an agreement in which they will commit to fulfilling the Work Comp Ready Program requirements to the best of their ability.