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We know how important it is for employers, adjusters, and case managers to find a doctor who understands the worker's compensation process, provides the best care available so patients can return to work safely, have great outcomes, and has excellent communication skills. 


That's why we made it our mission to facilitate the proper training so that OM doctors become the doctors' employers, insurance companies, and rehabilitation experts rely on to ensure the process following an injury is efficient and effective. 


In 2010, we launched the WorkComp Ready™ certification. Since then, we have empowered hundreds of doctors and their staff to properly and efficiently serve as the go-to for employers looking for qualified physicians.


  • It means they are highly skilled and experienced in providing the best care available so patients can return to work safely.

  • It means they understand the importance of communication, access, and consistent treatment when aiding those hurt while on the job.

  • It means they focus on early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment techniques for cost-effective recoveries that reduce time lost from work.

  • It means they complete DWC-25 timely and adequately, provide quality reports, and have excellent outcomes.

  • And most importantly: They take pride in helping injured workers get back to their jobs as soon as possible by providing them with quality care at every step of their recovery process.

Our exclusive WorkComp Ready™ certification is only available to providers participating in marketing programs. Once you complete it, you'll be considered among the most qualified providers to treat work-related injuries.
Are you ready to become a WorkComp Ready™ doctor? If so, contact us to learn more about our different options.

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