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Suppose you need assistance obtaining DWC25, work status, notes, PIR, updates, or appointments with any of our  WorkComp Ready™ doctors. In that case, We can streamline communication and help you get what you need to ensure that your employees are getting back on the job as quickly as possible. No matter what stage of the process or where you are in the state, our team of experts is ready and waiting to assist you.
At OM, we represent physicians who are WorkComp Ready™certified. 
We provide continuous support to all in partnership and help identify and resolve any issues that come up between our certified WorkComp Ready™ doctors and any Employer, Adjuster, or Nurse Case Manager at any time. We're not a network or a case management company—We are here to help you find the right doctor, streamline the process for you, and make it easier than ever to get your injured workers the care they need.


Note: Scheduling assistance is provided by OM only if the doctor you need help with is a WorkComp Ready™ doctor and represented by OM. 


Contact OM via email or phone at
 or 1-866-640-4060.
For urgent matters, please call or email or mari@ommktgcom, or 305-323-1238. 
Contact the OM's support team if you need assistance with work status, MCC letters, follow-up appointments, or any other issue. If a provider has not answered correspondence or sent timely DWC25s, our dedicated team will help streamline communication by assisting with work status, MCC letters, and more.
Here are six things everyone should know about OM 

1. We understand that your injured worker needs the best care possible. That's why we work closely with our certified doctors to provide continuous support to all in partnership and helps identify and resolve any issues that come up between our certified WorkComp Ready™ doctors and any Employer, Adjuster, or Nurse Case Manager at any time. So don't hesitate to reach out! 

2. At OM, we know how important it is to have a doctor who can provide the best care while also understanding the complexities of Workers' Compensation. That's why we work with employers and adjusters to build preferred physician panels that include physicians who are both highly qualified and committed to helping injured workers get back on their feet. Our physicians are the best in their field.

3. The WorkComp Ready™ certification is a program designed to help Physicians understand and maintain compliance with Workers' Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols to help Injured Employees achieve the best outcomes possible.

4. OM is an extended service of each Provider on OM's WorkComp Ready™ panel of  Providers, which includes contracted physicians. OM is NOT a NETWORK.

5. OM has a longstanding, highly respected reputation for ensuring its contracted physicians and providers are the best in their areas of expertise and consistently follow Workers' Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols. By providing much-needed education in Workers' Compensation, formal training, and continuous support.

6. OM's fast track department is FREE-OF-CHARGE and designed to give Employers, Adjusters, and Case Managers direct access to an extensive directory of qualified providers that treat industrial injuries and understand the workers' compensation system and participate in ALL MAJOR NETWORKS.

pics directory-5.png

Your feedback is important to us

Your feedback continues to help OM identify, prevent and remove non-compliant providers from our provider list. It is our goal to make sure your workers’ comp requests are handled promptly, professionally, and efficiently. At OM, we continually strive to provide the highest standard of service to Employers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, all organizations, and Physicians and Medical Providers.

To accomplish this goal, we employ a proactive approach that includes listening to your feedback and understanding any problems you might be experiencing with our doctors. We identify the problem and work hard to correct it as well as streamline communication among all parties involved in order for you to have an excellent experience every time!

To share your feedback, please contact or All feedback is confidential.

Compliance is assured.
OM  is in compliance and has executed Agreements with Specialty Providers, each of which includes a clause on HIPAA along with other legally relevant information. The minimal information provided to OM  by workers’ compensation professionals is appropriately discarded once each referral or appointment is complete. Further, information from Providers to workers’ compensation professionals does NOT pass through OM, as per below. If a workers’ compensation professional has an issue or concern with an OM Provider, such as obtaining documentation timely or scheduling appointments timely, OM makes contact with the Provider, either to help expedite the documentation directly from the Provider to the workers’ compensation professional and/or to resolve the issue or concern. 
OM  is an extension of each workers’ compensation team. - 45 CFR § 164.512(l). From OM ’s legal counsel: "Generally speaking, workers’ compensation carriers are not ‘covered entities’ for HIPAA purposes unless they also happen to write health insurance plans. See 45 CFR § 164.512(l). Ordinarily, an ’organization’ such as OM would be considered a ‘business associate’ under the HIPAA Privacy Rule and would have to enter into a contract with the ‘covered entity’ (insurer or physician ‘or provider’) under 45 CFR § 164.502(e), et seq., which spells out how the business associate may use protected health information provided by the carrier. However, because workers’ compensation carriers are not covered entities, they are not required to enter into business associate contracts before sharing information with third parties. The major requirement is that the information shared should be the ‘minimum necessary’ to accomplish the workers’ compensation purpose, and should be disclosed only to those with a business need. Also … note that the ‘physicians and healthcare providers’ are still covered entities, and the doctors' offices, hospitals, etc., strictly speaking, cannot funnel medical information from OM back to the WC carrier (they can provide information directly to the carrier); covered entities may provide information only to ‘the employer, the carrier, an authorized qualified rehabilitation provider, or the attorney for [an] employer or carrier…’ §440.13(4)(c), F.S. (or to state agencies or other physicians).”

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