We Are OM

The story of OM began in 2004 when Mari and Ozzy Diaz founded the company. They saw that professionals working within the workers' compensation industry needed better access to specialty medical providers, those who understood the specialized needs of injured employees, and the requirements of professionals working within the workers' compensation system. This remains the main objective today. In 2010, as their business rapidly grew, OM established the WorkCompReady™ certification and began providing much-needed education, training, and continuous support services to hundreds of doctors in the workers' compensation industry. As a result, The OM Directory was created as a print directory to hand out to employers, adjusters, case managers, and attorneys looking for qualified doctors to treat their injured workers. Both the WorkCompReady™ training and Directory quickly became an industry standard of excellence.
It's no secret that 2010 was a big year for OM. But what you might not know is that they did it again in 2011. They created the Bloom Awards, formerly known as IN TOUCH Awards, which recognizes the best-of-the-best in workers' compensation and celebrates excellence through an annual awards gala. Since then, these awards have become a workers' compensation industry staple. Fast forward to 2022, they realized that the doctors needed better access to the WorkCompReady™ certification, and employers and adjusters needed a faster way to find a WorkCompReady™ doctor. So they started talking with their clients and industry professionals about what they needed from a directory and how they could enhance the WorkCompReady™ training program.
The OM National Directory was established in 2022! -The same valuable information, just a new way of accessing it. The Directory is searchable by employer panel, certified network, work comp-ready certification, services provided, specialty, and zip code—whatever works best for you!
Throughout its history, OM has grown and changed in many ways—but it has remained committed to its core mission of connecting employers, adjusters, and nurses with the most qualified doctors.



OM has served healthcare clients across the US since 2004. OM is your complete Marketing Department, a true partner in helping your practice grow.