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Empowering Our Clients


Dedicated to connecting employers with top doctors for treating injured employees in workers' compensation.

At OM, we’re committed to connecting employers with the best doctors for treating their injured employees. Through our WorkCompReady™ certification programs and nationwide panel of doctors, we ensure access to physicians who understand worker’s comp and provide the highest quality care for their patients.

We bring our expertise to multiple sectors in workers' compensation.


Workers' Compensation Marketing

For over 20 years, OM has led the way in assisting physicians to grow their workers' compensation referrals. Our focus is to empower physicians with the understanding of necessary documentation and best practices, ensuring they become the go-to doctors for employers seeking the best care for their injured workers. OM is recognized by employers and carriers as the go-to resource for connecting with the best doctors for treating injured workers. Physicians who undergo our WorkComp Ready program are highly sought after for their expertise in managing work-related injuries and providing the best care to facilitate a safe return to work. Partnering with OM grants physicians access to decades of experience and extensive industry connections in the workers' compensation community. We simplify the complexities of this ever-evolving landscape, enabling physicians to focus on patient care while we handle marketing intricacies.


Healthcare Marketing

At OM, we understand that even the best doctors benefit from effective marketing. With over two decades of experience in healthcare marketing, we specialize in strategic referral marketing for physicians. Our focus is on nurturing strong referral relationships, ultimately leading to increased patient referrals and practice revenue, ensuring your practice grows for many years to come.


OM Media

In today's digital age, the dominance of video content is undeniable. As patients spend increasing amounts of time online, it has become crucial for physicians to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. But where should you start? What types of videos should you create? And what mistakes should you avoid? OM specializes in working with doctors to harness the power of healthcare video marketing. With our expertise, we guide you through the process, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring your message reaches and resonates with your audience effectively.


Since 2004, OM has been a full-service Marketing & Media Department for healthcare clients across the US, dedicated to being a true partner in your practice's growth.

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