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Get listed on the OM Directory and gain daily exposure to thousands of employers, adjusters, case managers, attorneys, nurses, and patients accessing our directory.

The OM Directory is the only nationwide listing of WorkComp Ready™ Certified Doctors and Service Providers specializing in workers' compensation. By listing with us, you'll have a cost-effective solution to make your company visible to a direct audience of potential referral sources seeking the best care for their injured employees who utilize the OM Directory.

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Join Today and Expand Your Visibility!

The OM Directory is a resource that employers, adjusters, and attorneys have used for years to find qualified doctors to treat injured workers quickly and efficiently.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the service, you can cancel (no questions asked) at any it's a risk-free decision.

 Benefits of Listing with OM Directory


Your practice/organization will have its own profile in the OM Directory.


Thousands of employers, adjusters, nurses, case managers, and other referral channelers and patients access our directory daily, providing potential referrals to your practice/organization.


Users can connect directly with your website or social media channels, giving you additional exposure.


Practices with more than five physicians and providers with multiple regions qualify for discounted rates.

WorkComp Ready™ Certification

The WorkComp Ready™ certification is open only to physicians

This option is for physicians who are serious about growing their practices and becoming the go-to practice for employers looking for a workers' compensation specialist. If you are just looking to acquire a few workers' compensation patients quickly and move on, this isn't the right option for you. We only want to partner with doctors motivated to grow with a solid foundation for many years to come!

OM has been working with physicians for the past two decades, helping them grow their practices. The best part is that we have been able to help our doctors build a solid foundation for long-term success and not just one or two referrals here and there. Our clients are among the largest practices in the industry. They are highly skilled and experienced in providing the best care available so patients can return to work safely. They are considered among the best workers' comp specialists in the industry.

Our WorkComp Ready™ Certification and Marketing packages are available for all budgets, depending on the size of your practice and the location. We'll also work with you to customize a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Please note: The WorkComp Ready™ certificate is exclusively available to OM physicians who are part of the OM panel. It is not available for doctors listed outside of OM's clientele.

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