Physician Outreach Marketing 

That Won't Make You Look The Same As The Competition.

Frequently asked questions

How Does The Physician Outreach Program Work?

OM assigns one or more liaisons to represent your practice. These liaisons work to establish rapport & educate through targeted outreach to potential referral sources. Much like a pharmaceutical rep, they arrange meetings with physicians and referral coordinators, using their time together to explain the value of sending referrals to your practice.They use proven methods to identify referral potential, qualify & score the practice/physician as a potential referral source, and determine who the key decision-makers are.

How Long Does It Take To Generate New Referrals?

On average, you can expect to see changes to referral patterns after 6 months. It takes time to build rapport and credibility with potential referral sources. In some cases where the environment is highly competitive, it may take significantly longer to penetrate the market.

How Much Of A Commitment Do I Have To Make?

Contracts for Physician Outreach Representation are six months minimum.

How Quickly Can We Get Started?

Physician Outreach programs take at minimum 1 week to set up after contract signing & first payment. When you speak to our team, they will discuss implementation timelines and collaborate with you on the best start date for your practice.

What Are The Payment Terms & Billing Options?

Physician Outreach programs are all prepaid- meaning we require you to make payment before the start of work every month. In addition, we require a signed credit card payment pre-authorization agreement on file, which will be used to fulfill your payment if you do not initiate payment manually upon invoice. The first payment is due at contract signing, and future payments are billed recurring monthly.

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