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For over 20 years, OM has led the way in assisting physicians to grow their workers' compensation referrals. Our focus is to empower physicians with the understanding of necessary documentation and best practices, ensuring they become the go-to doctors for employers seeking the best care for their injured workers. OM is recognized by employers and carriers as the go-to resource for connecting with the best doctors for treating injured workers. Physicians who undergo our WorkComp Ready program are highly sought after for their expertise in managing work-related injuries and providing the best care to facilitate a safe return to work. Partnering with OM grants physicians access to decades of experience and extensive industry connections in the workers' compensation community. We simplify the complexities of this ever-evolving landscape, enabling physicians to focus on patient care while we handle marketing intricacies.

Empowering Physicians for Success

Workers' Compensation Marketing 

Why Hire OM?

For over two decades, OM has been dedicated to helping physicians expand their workers' compensation referrals. With an impressive retention rate of approximately 95%, our commitment to long-term partnerships is evident. Our doctors aren't just respected; they're often the preferred choice for employers nationwide.

We understand the importance of establishing a solid foundation, which is why we prioritize collaborating with physicians dedicated to long-term success, aligning with our values and those of our current partners.

OM proudly maintains the largest and fastest-growing panel of orthopedic doctors nationwide, with our partnerships with employers steadily increasing.


OM is the industry leader in connecting the most qualified physicians and medical providers to workers’ compensation professionals who demand the best care and treatment for their injured employees, along with compliance with workers’ compensation guidelines and best practice protocols. We serve as the go-to resource for employers, carriers, and payors who seek the best care for their injured employees.

Contact us to learn how OM can assist you in achieving long-term success by growing your workers' compensation referrals and positioning yourself as the preferred choice for employers seeking the highest quality care for their injured workers.

Value Proposition

Why deal with the complexities of hiring and managing a full-time marketing representative when you can access our seasoned team affordably? With over two decades of experience and established relationships.

Navigating the intricacies of Workers' Compensation can be overwhelming, especially with high turnover rates in case management and insurance companies. Focus on what truly matters – caring for your patients – while we handle your marketing needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Say goodbye to the hassle of time-consuming recruitment, screening, interviewing, and training. With us, you're free from the burden of payroll taxes, costly benefits, and administrative costs like unemployment and paid time off.

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