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Anatomy Magazine 

Anatomy Magazine is a publication by OM, expertly curated for orthopedic professionals. Available in both print and digital formats, it is distributed to orthopedic practices nationwide. With 20 years of experience, OM has established itself as a trusted leader in healthcare.

  • Orthopedic practice CEOs and COOs

  • Office Administrators and Office Managers

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Orthopedic Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Physician Assistants

  • Physical Therapists

  • Leadership Teams

  • Medical Staff Executives

  • Orthopedic and Healthcare Administration Students

  • Other Healthcare Professionals

Our Readership includes:

Magazine Content

Anatomy Magazine is an essential resource for orthopedic professionals to stay updated on the latest products and services. Our content is designed to support leadership, best practices, career growth, and personal wellness, with topics focusing on:

  • Best Practices: Proven methods and techniques to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

  • Leadership: Strategies and insights to develop strong, effective leaders within orthopedic practices.

  • Practice Management: Tips and tools for optimizing administrative and clinical operations.

  • Growth and Marketing Strategies: Innovative approaches to expand your practice and reach new patients.

  • Career Development: Guidance on professional growth and advancement opportunities.

  • Personal Wellness: Advice on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being.

  • Testimonials: Feedback from physicians and orthopedic professionals on products.

  • Residency Programs: Information and updates about residency programs.

  • New Products and Technology: The latest advancements in orthopedic products and technology.

  • Interviews: Get to know industry professionals through in-depth conversations.

  • Professional Highlights: Recognition of achievements and milestones within the orthopedic community.

  • Events, News, and Conferences: Comprehensive coverage of key events, industry news, and upcoming conferences.

  • Physician Recruitment and Opportunities: Information on recruitment and career opportunities for physicians.

Benefits of Advertising with Anatomy Magazine

Cost-Effective Exposure

Reach a targeted audience in a cost-effective way.

Long Shelf Life

Your advertisements will continue to reach and impact readers over time.

Direct Access

Users can connect directly with your website or social media channels, giving you additional exposure.

Anatomy Magazine provides an exceptional platform for medical sales representatives and organizations to showcase their ancillary services, orthopedic hardware, equipment, software, and other programs, products, and services. Whether targeting orthopedic practice CEOs, doctors, students, recruiters, new residents, or other professionals, Anatomy Magazine ensures your products and services reach the right audience effectively.

For more information on advertising or featuring your products and services in Anatomy Magazine, please contact us.

Leverage Anatomy Magazine to highlight your organization to key players in the orthopedic industry and maintain your presence in this specialized market.

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