OM Works in Partnership with Employers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, TPAs, Insurance Carriers, and other Healthcare Professionals.
OM provides customer service and continuous support to all in partnership and helps identify and resolve any issues that come up between the OM Specialty Physician or Medical Provider and any Employer, Adjuster, or Nurse Case Manager at any time. Through OM’s customer service audits, and through open feedback received, immediate action is taken to resolve issues and repair any relationships that may have been impacted resulting from any issue or problem.
OM  helps Specialty Medical Providers understand and maintain compliance with Workers’ Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols to help Injured Employees achieve the best outcomes possible. 
Whether marketing, reputation management, or educating OM's main objective is providing much-needed education, training, and continuous support services. OM Physicians become experts in Workers’ Compensation on all levels.

Communication + Identification = Resolution!

We are OM, the parent organization of all OM brand companies. Each one of our companies is highly regarded with a well-established reputation within the Workers’ Compensation and Healthcare industries. Known for integrity and excellence in the provision of services since the inception of our first OM company in 2004, we are the industry leader in connecting the best Physicians and Medical Providers to Workers’ Compensation and Healthcare professionals who demand the best care and treatment for Injured Employees, along with compliance in Workers’ Compensation guidelines and best practice protocols.
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Communication is essential when it comes to resolving workers' compensation cases quickly and efficiently. Our team at OM listens and streamlines communication and bridges the gap among all players involved with the outcome of each Injured Employee. 


We believe open communication is equally as important as the severity of injury in determining how long an Injured Employee will take to recover and re-enter the workforce. Poor communication is extremely costly. 


Partnering with OM assures all players involved that communication is a top priority. Consistent communication is vital to the success of any business.


Our team at OM identifies whatever issues or problems need to be addressed and corrected, developing and implementing a plan of action. Communication and identifying those issues allow us to provide invaluable education, training, and continuous support to Physicians and Medical Providers so they become more effective in all areas of business for the benefit of each Injured Employee and the outcome of each claim. 

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A proactive approach. Listening. Identifying and understanding the problem. Finding the solution. Resolution! At OM, we continually strive to provide the highest standard of service to Employers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, all organizations, and Physicians and Medical Providers. 


We follow a rigorous process implementing the plan of action communicating with all involved players. 


This ensures effective resolution resulting in the best care and treatment provided to each Injured Employee, and Provider who consistently follow workers’ compensation guidelines and best practice protocols. Continuous communication, follow-up, and support are critical.