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Being listed among the best doctors in workers' compensation signifies possessing the experience and expertise to assist patients in safely returning to work following a workplace injury. It indicates an understanding of the significance of communication, accessibility, and consistent treatment when supporting individuals injured on the job. The purpose of this recognition is to commend the outstanding efforts of every doctor and practice that comprehends the workers' compensation process, delivers optimal patient care for safe return to work, achieves positive outcomes, and demonstrates excellent communication abilities.

What does it mean to be recognized as one of the Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation?

Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation

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Being listed as one of the Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation is a great honor. To be listed, a nominee must receive at least five recommendations from others who know their work. The nomination period ends July 1, 2024.

The annual OM Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation list, published in August, serves to honor and acknowledge doctors and practices who take pride in assisting injured workers in returning to their jobs as quickly and safely as possible, providing them with the best possible care.

Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation 2024 Nomination Form

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