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Healthcare Marketing

Stand Out from the Competition

Marketing That Sets You Apart

Tired of blending in with the competition? At OM, we offer healthcare marketing solutions that distinguish your practice in a crowded market. Our Healthcare Marketing Program is designed to elevate your visibility and attract quality referrals, ensuring your practice stands out among the rest.

How Does the Healthcare Marketing Program Work?

OM assigns dedicated liaisons to represent your practice, establishing rapport and educating potential referral sources through targeted outreach efforts. Similar to pharmaceutical representatives, our liaisons arrange meetings with physicians and referral coordinators, showcasing the value of directing referrals to your practice. We utilize proven methods to identify referral potential, qualify practices/physicians, and determine key decision-makers.

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Get Started

Generating New Referrals

While building rapport and credibility with potential referral sources takes time, you can typically expect to see changes in referral patterns within approximately 6 months. In highly competitive environments, penetration may take longer.

Commitment and Getting Started

Our Healthcare Marketing representation contracts require a minimum commitment of six months. Once signed, the program typically takes a minimum of 1 week to set up after the contract signing and first payment. Our team will work with you to determine the best start date for your practice.

Payment Terms and Billing Options

Our Healthcare Marketing programs operate on a prepaid basis, requiring payment before the start of work each month. To facilitate seamless billing, we require a signed credit card payment pre-authorization agreement on file, which will be used to fulfill payments if not initiated manually upon invoice. The first payment is due at contract signing, with future payments billed monthly.

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