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Commitment To Wellness Project - Creating and Promoting a Healthier Work Environment!

The Commitment to Wellness Project!

This project was started in 2018, and it's all about promoting employee well-being with information on how choices and habits can improve the quality of life at work and outside. 
For both employees and companies, raising awareness on health and wellbeing has a positive return—in a very cost-effective way.

Each workshop includes practical demonstrations, interaction with plenty of time for feedback, and expert speakers who tailor their presentations to your specific needs. In addition, our workshops are convenient and flexible—we can accommodate similar to a lunch and learn or after-hours, whatever is most suitable for you and your team.

We believe in total wellness solutions for your company and its people. That's why we partner with industry-leading health and wellness experts to offer a variety of options to help you and your employees stay healthy, including monthly musculoskeletal and fitness sessions and team building events, wellness and creative workshops, laughter therapy, lunchtime desk yoga classes, or corporate fitness challenges.

We're here to help you make it easy for your employees to stay healthy—and live happier lives!
Here are some of our most popular workshops:
🏃‍♀️ Desk yoga classes
🏃‍♀️ Laughter works at work workshop
🏃‍♀️Team building events, corporate fitness challenges 
🏃‍♀️Musculoskeletal workshops
🏃‍♀️Productivity workshops
🏃‍♀️ Wellness and creative workshops 
🏃‍♀️Improving biometrics workshops
🏃‍♀️Exercise and fitness classes
🏃‍♀️RSI & Back Pain 
🏃‍♀️Poster Awareness
Company Wellnees Day
Wellbeing days are an excellent opportunity for employees to learn about the different health and wellness benefits that are available to them as well as a chance to become more aware of their own health and wellbeing.
Well-being days are onsite, and virtual well-being days are also an excellent option for workforces that are becoming increasingly remote and geographically dispersed.

The OM team of professionals manages all aspects of planning and other logistics.

Our commitment to wellness goes beyond the physical, too—it's about providing opportunities for employees to find fulfillment in their work and grow professionally and personally.

To book a class, workshop, wellbeing day or learn more information contact

Commitment To Wellness Project - Creating and Promoting a Healthier Work Environment!

Move, Nourish, and Thrive.🏃‍♀️


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