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Eight Things You Might Not Know About OM

If you're searching for doctors who have a deep understanding of workers' compensation or if you're interested in building a panel of specialists with expertise in workers' compensation, reach out to OM.

We can help you!

Here are eight things you might not know about OM 

Decades of Experience: For over 20 years, OM has been the bridge connecting workers' compensation professionals with the best doctors in the field. We've supported employers and adjusters as their dedicated workers' compensation liaison for numerous Orthopedic and Multi-Specialty Practices across the nation. Over time, we've become a trusted resource for hundreds of employers, adjusters, and nurses in the industry, helping them connect with the best doctors for their injured employees.

Efficient and Cost-Free Support: OM provides efficient assistance and facilitation of your needs through our dedicated fast-track team. We serve as the vital link for streamlined communication between OM doctors, employers, adjusters, and case managers. Whether you need to speak to our doctors, require work status updates, DC-25 forms, MCC letters, follow-up appointments, or stat appointments scheduled, you can count on OM. Plus, rest assured, you'll never receive a bill from us. Our services are entirely free, designed to enhance communication and customer service for adjusters, case managers, and employers.

 We're Not a Network or a Case Management Company: OM is not a network, and we are not a case management company. We are physician liaisons with a nationwide panel of orthopedic and multiple specialists who are experts in their respective fields. They have a deep understanding of workers' compensation guidelines and best practices, ensuring the highest quality care for injured workers. 

WorkCompReady Certification: Every doctor in our program completes our WorkCompReady certification. This training program, developed in collaboration with employers and carriers, ensures that doctors and their staff have a comprehensive understanding of the workers' compensation system, its paperwork, and communication protocols. It has become the gold standard for doctors looking to partner with OM, and it is mandatory for all doctors added to our panel.

Online Directory: Our online directory offers adjusters and employers access to a list of doctors who are WorkCompReady Certified. This user-friendly tool, endorsed by numerous adjusters, is a trusted resource in the industry. 

Feedback & Quality Assurance: OM maintains regular communication with adjusters, case managers, nurses, and employers. We conduct Quality Assurance (QA) meetings, calls, and one-on-one sessions between doctors and professionals. This feedback is crucial in ensuring our doctors follow best practices and helps identify non-compliant providers for removal.

Best Doctors in Workers' Compensation: Every August, we publish the OM BEST DOCTORS in Workers Compensation list to honor and acknowledge outstanding doctors who excel in safely facilitating the return of injured workers to their jobs. This highly sought-after list has gained popularity and garnered high regard among industry professionals in the workers' compensation field. 

Custom Doctor Panels for Employers: OM collaborates with employers to build custom doctor panels tailored to their unique needs. These panels are carefully crafted based on geographical locations, specialties, and the specific requirements of each employer, all at no cost to our clients. 

To Learn More: Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at for further information.


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