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Orthopedic surgeons, if you're looking to diversify your payor mix and boost workers' comp referrals, now is the perfect time!

Orthopedic surgeons, now is the perfect time to diversify your payor mix and boost workers' comp referrals! Florida's workers' compensation reimbursement rates are set to significantly increase starting January 2025. If you are interested in growing your practice and becoming WorkComp Ready certified and the go-to doctor for employers seeking the best care for their injured workers, OM is here to help.

For over two decades, OM has been dedicated to helping physicians build and maintain their workers' compensation referrals while adhering to best practices. Our impressive retention rate of approximately 95% reflects our commitment to fostering long-term partnerships with physicians who provide top-tier care to injured workers.

OM has the largest and fastest-growing panel of orthopedic doctors nationwide, with increasing partnerships with employers who trust OM to connect them to the best doctors.

If you’re looking to expand your workers' compensation practice, reach out to us for more information on how this reimbursement update may affect your practice or to schedule a call with an OM representative, please contact


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