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Over the past few months, the OM team and Bloom have hosted numerous roundtables, luncheons, and dinners. Just this week, our trivia nights for the Miami and Palm Beach Bloom chapters were so much fun

From having the doctors share their perspectives to hearing from the adjusters, risk managers, and attorneys, the conversations have been driving change, ensuring that injured workers receive the best possible care. In the twenty years I have been in the workers’ compensation industry, hosting these roundtables has been the greatest form of teamwork!

Our main objective is to ensure that all contracted physicians meet the highest standards of patient care and adhere to Workers’ Compensation guidelines and best practices. If you choose an OM doctor, we guarantee that they are highly qualified and committed to helping injured workers get back on their feet, providing the highest outcomes and best care possible.

For those new to OM, partnering with us means gaining direct access to the best, most qualified doctors.

And no, you will never receive a bill from OM. Our services come at no cost because we serve as an extension of the doctor’s office, hired specifically to act as their liaisons. We are not a case management company or a network; our sole purpose is to streamline communication, ensure our doctors follow best practices, and provide exceptional customer service on behalf of the doctors who hire OM. And YES! WE HAVE DOCTORS NATIONWIDE!

💻 If you’re a risk manager, adjuster/claims manager, attorney, or case manager involved in workers’ compensation and want to learn more about how OM can help you build a panel of the best doctors, or if you simply want to access our network of doctors without forming a panel, or even join the conversation and participate in our roundtable meetings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 📧


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