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The industry recognizes OM's WorkCompReady™ Certification as the gold standard in workers' compensation training

We know how important it is for employers, adjusters, and case managers to find a doctor who understands the worker's compensation process, provides the best care available so patients can return to work safely, have great outcomes, and has excellent communication skills. That's why we made it our mission to facilitate the proper training so that OM doctors become the doctors' employers, insurance companies, and rehabilitation experts rely on to ensure the process following an injury is efficient and effective. In 2010, we launched the WorkComp Ready™ certification. Since then, we have empowered hundreds of doctors and their staff to properly and efficiently serve as the go-to for employers looking for qualified physicians.Hundreds of doctors and their staff have become WorkCompReady™ certified, which enables them to serve as a go-to provider for employers looking for qualified physicians. The industry recognizes OM's WorkCompReady™ Certification as the gold standard in workers' compensation training. This course was developed in collaboration with industry leaders, and it provides physicians and their staff with the education and training they need to effectively manage Workers' Compensation cases. 

But what sets a WorkComp ReadyDoctor™ apart? These doctors excel in various areas that are essential for successful workers' compensation cases. Let's take a closer look at the qualities and expertise that make them the preferred choice:

  1. Best Practices and Quality Medical Care: WorkCompReady™ doctors prioritize delivering quality medical care to injured workers. They stay updated on the latest treatment guidelines and follow evidence-based practices to ensure optimal outcomes.

  2. Prompt Initial Injury Treatment: Time is of the essence in workers' compensation cases. WorkCompReady™ doctors understand the importance of timely initial injury treatment to prevent further complications and expedite the recovery process.

  3. Timely Diagnosis and Treatment: Prompt and accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment. WorkCompReady™ doctors follow timely diagnosis and treatment guidelines to ensure that injured workers receive the care they need without unnecessary delays.

  4. Maximum Medical Treatment: WorkCompReady™ doctors possess expertise in identifying and providing the maximum medical treatment necessary for injured workers' recovery. They carefully evaluate the extent of injuries and develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each individual case.

  5. Effective Communication: Clear and effective communication is vital in workers' compensation cases. WorkCompReady™ doctors excel in communicating with employers, adjusters, nurse case managers, and other healthcare professionals involved in the process, providing regular updates and answering any questions or concerns.

  6. Timely and Accurate Forms Completion: Accurate and timely completion of necessary forms is crucial in workers' compensation cases. WorkCompReady™ doctors ensure that these forms are filled out correctly, promptly, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

  7. Knowledgeable and Friendly Office Staff: A doctor's office staff plays a vital role in the overall experience of injured workers. WorkCompReady™ doctors maintain knowledgeable and friendly office staff who are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.

  8. Favorable Return-to-Work Outcomes: Getting injured workers back to work safely and efficiently is a primary goal. WorkCompReady™ doctors focus on achieving favorable return-to-work outcomes by providing appropriate treatment plans and collaborating with employers and stakeholders.

  9. Quality Reports: Comprehensive and accurate reports are essential in workers' compensation cases. WorkCompReady™ doctors produce high-quality reports that capture all relevant medical information and support claims professionals in their decision-making processes.


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