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Health or Beauty? Why must we choose?

Written by Mari Diaz

Shouldn't we be able to enjoy a little lipstick or skincare without worrying about harmful toxins? 

With the advancements in the natural beauty industry, the need for unsafe products is diminishing. Farewell to those old favorites—I don't miss you!

Many women suffer from health conditions without realizing that beauty products play a role. These products not only disrupt hormonal balance but also add to the body's toxic burden. When the immune system is compromised, introducing more toxins is a big no-no! Our liver can only handle so much.

In the upcoming season of Beyond the Pages, Bloom’s podcast, I'll be discussing one of my favorite topics: BEAUTY BEGINS at the ROOT! Some of you have attended these workshops before, and I’m super excited to start the conversation again!

I’m going to be giving away my Non-Toxic Beauty Guide, which includes all my favorite tips to get started and my favorite clean beauty products. 

To get a free copy, simply subscribe to the Bloom Podcast "Beyond the Pages" and email with the subject line "Non-Toxic Guide."

Remember, knowledge is power! Take the time to research your beauty products. Your health depends on it.


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