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There is nothing WRONG with changing. In fact, there is something wrong with NEVER changing.

Written by Mari Diaz

A seed was not meant to always remain a seed. It was meant to sprout to life and give us these beautiful flower fields and trees.

What good is a seed if it holds in all of it's potential?⁠ ⠀

You too are always in evolvement. It is not a failure to change your mind. It just means you are having higher insight. HONOR THAT PROCESS and allow it to unfold.⁠

Approaching my 20th year as a marketing and relationship expert/ creator, visionary, dreamer and entrepreneur, I've shifted from a marketing ONLY to a wellness/nutrition/ herbalist/ mentor/spiritual and of course still a MARKETING/Media brand and will continue to honor my evolvement to my next endeavors.

My loyalty is to my Highest Self, before anything else. And it's taken me places far more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.⁠


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